Application Process

Application Process

Corporate Membership Application

1. Official Document Requirement

2. Processing Fees

  • 1. All new membership applications are submitted by company name, subjected to approval from the Council, and an introducer will be required.
  • 2. Entrance fee of $300 (non-refundable)
    Monthly subscription fee: $20 per month billed $240 annually
    Membership will be automatically renewed yearly
  • 3. Payment methods: Checks, Bank transfer or PayNow
  • 4. Contact number: 62995961; 62932209

3. Submit membership information

  • 1. All softcopy documents including application form, ACRA business profile and notifications or screenshots of payment by bank transfer or PayNow are to be email to
  • 2. All hardcopies including the name card and check payment are to be post mailed to the SCBA Secretariat office at 6001 Beach Road #11-01, Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589