About SCBA

About S-CBA

The Singapore-China Business Association was founded in 1970 with nearly 500 company members. The association offers opportunities for business engagement between Singapore and China enhancing the economics with trade activity.

The Singapore- China Business Association member business scope is widespread, besides has he classic merchandise trade business with China , after China reform and open policy, along with Singaporean and Chinese relations day-by-day enhancement, trade relation unceasing deepening and development, more and more in Chinese participation manufacturing industry, shipping industry, including the travelling, legal, financial and business management’s service industry, service and so on property development and infrastructural facilities our country businesses, joins the chamber of commerce to become the member, further strengthened my meeting representation.

Since long, I can with our country each department concerned; the industry and commerce association maintain very close contacting. I through the reception massive visit Chinese all levels of the government delegation, the industry and commerce inspection group, the investment discussion group, will support the exposition, the investment promotion meeting, the organization inspection group go to forms and so on Chinese on-the spot investigation, with on to the central committee under to place Chinese each related various departments , the economics and trade organization, the association and so on established the good relations.

I through will also conduct forms and so on exposition, each kind of seminar, symposium as well as surfer, will provide each kind of exchange and the consultation opportunity for the members. I will also provide each kind through this nimble form for the members to be helpful the service which will develop in the member enterprise.

Whenever the members in the economics and trade activity meets the affected area broad difficult problem when new, my thoroughly grasp the conditions, will act then with each parties concerned to carry on the consultation, the negotiations. The discussion solves the question method, utilizes chamber of commerce’s influence fully, the display collective strength, strives for the proper benefit for the members, thus had the members widespread support and the high praise. More than 30 for years, I under all previous years council’s leadership, under the membership’s support and the coordination vigorously, the self-renewal, the self-perfection, adjust the conference affair policy promptly unceasingly, the conference affair have made the encouraging progress, to promote the Singaporean and Chinese people’s understanding and the friendship, for Singapore and China’s economy, has made our proper contribution.

Enters into the 21st century’s us, is occupying the global economic big exchange, the fund, the talented person, the science and technology, the information, the consultation competes highly the challenging time, the Singapore China Chamber of commerce this non-profit organization will pool brains and brawn, grasps the opportunity, develops the conference affair diligently, in new the trade development, the cultural exchange aspect will continue own time mission, causes it to become has representative and the influence merchant militia organization, in order to provides for the members are more, a better service.