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Founded in 1970, the Singapore-China Business Association boasts nearly 500 members connecting Singaporean and Chinese businesses across diverse sectors. Beyond traditional trade, our platform facilitates collaboration in manufacturing, shipping, tourism, legal services, finance, and more.

As China reforms and Singapore-China relations strengthen, our association expands to include Chinese companies in these expanding fields. This fosters deeper trade ties and mutual growth. We maintain close contact with governmental and industry leaders in both countries, hosting delegations, organizing trade missions, and facilitating investment opportunities.

Through collaborative efforts, we aim to solidify the Singapore-China economic partnership, driving prosperity for both nations

32nd Council


Goh Toh Sim BBM
EC World Asset
Management Pte Ltd

Vice President

Simon Li
Feoso Oil (Singapore) Pte Ltd

J. T. Lim
Heap Seng Group Pte Ltd

Dr Lim Wie Ling
Overseas Emporium Pte Ltd

Neo Kah Kiat BBM
Neo Group Limited

Meng Fanqiu
Rongsheng Petrochemical (S) Pte Ltd

Finance committee

Tan Wah Yuan Chairman
Alpharock Family Office Pte Ltd

Lee Tiong Heng
Vice Chairman
Deloitte LLP


Toh Tiau Lai
Chairman Lian Bee Metal Ptd Ltd

Norman Tan PBM Vice Chairman
Kim Hing Food Industries Ptd Ltd

Vicent Lim
Vice Chairman BH global Corportation Ltd

industrial & TRADE COMMITTEE

Zhuo Jingming
Xin Ji Da Pte Ltd

Tonny Basry
Vice Chairman
United Overseas Bank Limited

Nelson Lim BBM
Vice Chairman
JP Nelson Equipment Pte Ltd

public relation committee

Dennis Tan BBM
Futuris Investment Pte Ltd

Ko Chuan Aun
Vice Chairman
Cleanmark solutions Pte Ltd

Raymond Toh
Vice Chairman
Greenbay Marine Pte Ltd

culture & education committee

Lin Deng Li
Gold Travel Services Ptd

Lim Huan Chiang JP BBM(L) PBM
Vice Chairman
A-Smart Holdings Ltd

Li Liang Yi
Vice Chairman
China Express Travel (S) Pte Ltd

Youth committee

Lim Zhao Rong
Huamao Agencies SDN BHD

Ang Chien Sern
Vice Chairman
Ang Leong Huat (Pte) Ltd

Song Chao
Vice Chairman
Bihai Holdings Pte Ltd

Council member

Tan Aik Hock PBM
Yuantai Fuel Trading Pte Ltd

Yang Ching Chao
C. C. Yang & Co

Dr Ernest Kan JP BBM
Dr Ernest Kan

Zuo Haibin Vico Construction Pte Ltd

Tan Wee Leong
Sang Seng Co Pte Ltd

Du Bo
CNQC (South Pacific) Holding Pte Ltd

Tan Zhiyong
MCC Land (Singapore) Lte Ltd

Lee Chee Chiew
Progress Galvanizing Pte Ltd

Patrick Wu
Avitra Aerospace Technologies Pte Ltd

Cao Yuanfeng
GCL Petroleum (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Wang Ligui
Great Source Pte Ltd

Appointed Council member

Yuan Zhizhong
Bank of China Limited Singapore Branch

Hao Yan
Bank of Communications Co. Ltd Singapore Branch

Wu Qi Wei
China Eastern Airlines Co Ltd

Lin Zhizeng
China Railway (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Sun Nianbei
China Construction bank
Corporation Singapore Branch

Willy Lock
Origgin Ventures Pte ltd

Organisation Chart

The emblem of the Singapore-China Business Association features a three-dimensional, steady two-way arrow resembling the Chinese character “中,” symbolizing China, with an “S” in the middle representing Singapore. The arrows forming the word “口” signify trade between export and import. The thick arrow represents the organization’s robust development and close emotional connections. The blue color symbolizes modern transportation and a bright future for the Association’s prosperity.


1. To promote economic and trade development and friendship between Singapore and China
2. Strive for and safeguard the rights of members.
3. Provide networking opportunities among members and promote mutual understanding and cooperation among members

S-CBA Song

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