Emblem and Mission

Logo Emblem design

The emblem is composed of a three-dimensional, steady two-way arrow, which looks exactly like the word “中”, representing China, and the “S” in the middle represents Singapore “SINGAPORE”. The transfer of arrows in different directions forms the word “口”, which represents the trade between export and import. It fully reflects Singapore-China Business Association commitment to developing economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Singapore and China and promoting friendship between Singapore and China.

The thick arrow symbolizes the vigorous development of Singapore-China Business Association. The organization is large, and its members are numerous; The connection of the arrow symbolizes the close emotional connection between Singapore-China Business Association and its members, and between members and members, and also the vibrant flow of the economic and trade cooperation between Singapore and China.

The emblem is blue, representing modern sea and air transportation and connections. Blue also represents the blue sky, symbolizing the bright future of Singapore-China Business Association and its endless prosperity.

Objective of Association

1. To promote economic and trade development and friendship between Singapore and China
2. Strive for and safeguard the rights of members.
3. Provide networking opportunities among members and promote mutual understanding and cooperation among members